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448 North Rivermede Rd. Vaughan, ON, L4K3M9

Local: 905.482.0041

Toll Free: 800.575.4085

Fax: 905.669.1170


M-Thurs 8:15am-4:45pm Friday 8am-4:30pm

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Which Lift is Best for me?

Below are a few questions to determine which lift is is best for you.

  • How tall is your ceiling?
    While measuring your garage or shop, take into account obstructions such as garage door openers, door tracks, attic staircases, etc...


  • How wide is your garage?
    Make sure your garage is wide enough to handle your new lift. Survey your garage or shop area for such items as shelving or work benches that will prevent the lift from being installed or properly operated.

  • How deep is your garage?
    You must be able to fit the lift within your garage and the depth of your garage will determine which lift you can fit. Once again, think about any potential obstructions that may prevent the lift from being properly installed and operated.


  • How thick is your concrete floor?
    Your lift has requirements for concrete base. Make sure your concrete is thick enough to hold your lift, minimum thickness is 4". Also, ensure your concrete is in good condition with no major cracks. For example, concrete anchors must be at least 6” from the edge of the concrete or any seam. Also, the lift can’t be anchored to the concrete if there are any cracks within 36” of the base plate.


  • What is the height, width, weight and wheelbase (measure from center of front wheel to center of rear wheel) of your largest vehicle?
    You need to make sure your vehicle will fit onto the lift and there is adequate clearance when the vehicle is in the lifted position. Also, make sure the lifting capacity of the lift is properly matched up with your heaviest vehicle.


  • What is the height of your tallest vehicle?
    You need to make sure there is enough clearance in your garage.


  • What is the width of your widest vehicle?
    You need to make sure your vehicle will fit onto the lift.


  • Do you need a 2 post lift or a 4 post lift?
    Choosing the proper lift is determined by what you are planning to do with it. Are you primarily going to use the lift for vehicle storage and occasional repair work? Will you frequently be removing the wheels from the vehicle?.


  • If you are planning to purchase a 2 post lift, do you have a 220V outlet available or can you run a new 220V circuit to the lift?
    All 2 post lifts use 220V power units so you must have a 220V supply available.


DirectLift.ca are here to help you with your residential automotive lift needs.  We are the automotive lift equipment specialists for residential automotive lifts, motorcycle lifts, midrise lifts, direct lift lifts, 2 post lifts, two post lift, four post lift, 4 post lifts, atv lifts, parking lifts, garage lifts, garage lift, garage storage, parking lift, store lifts, store lift, jacks, lift accessories, scissor lifts and rotisseries.  Serving canada, ontario, erin mills, mississauga, oakville, niagara region, st catherines, hamilton, etobicoke, toronto, gta, scarborough, durham, ajax, whitby, oshawa, york, markham, newmarket, aurora, barrie, innisfil, bradford, simcoe county, woodbridge.




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448 North Rivermede Rd., Vaughan, ON, L4K 3M9

Phone: 905.482.0041  Fax: 905.669.1170

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