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448 North Rivermede Rd. Vaughan, ON, L4K3M9

Local: 905.482.0041

Toll Free: 800.575.4085

Fax: 905.669.1170


M-Thurs 8:15am-4:45pm Friday 8am-4:30pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the lifts made?
    Our lifts are made in an ISO9001 compliant factory located in Haimen, China. The factory in China is owned by an American corporation, which means all management and manufacturing processes must meet specific requirements prescribed by ISO. Visit the ISO website for details.

  • What is ISO9001 certification?
    Visit the website for information.

  • How safe are your lifts?
    Our 4 post lifts have been tested and ALI certified for safety. Visit Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to see if a competing brand is listed and certified.

  • What is ALI certification?
    Visit Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) for details.

  • How long is the warranty and what is covered?
    Direct Lift two and four post lifts come with a 5 year structural warranty and a 1 year warranty on the power unit and cylinders; mid-rise lifts come with a 1 year structural warranty and 1 year warranty on the power unit and cylinders; motorcycle lifts, rotisserie units jacks and accessories come with a 1 year structural warranty and 1 year warranty on the power units and cylinders. Many manufacturers do not offer any warranty or offer much less than Direct Lift.

  • Is there a labor warranty on Direct Lifts?
    Labor costs are not covered.

    Warranty Summary

    • Two Post and Four Post Vehicle Lifts weight capacity models 7,000 lbs. through 14,000 lbs. are warranted for (5) years on structural components and (1) year on hydraulic power units and cylinders from invoice date.

    • Low Rise and Mid Rise Lifts weight capacity models 6,000lb are warranted for (1) year on structural components and (1) year on hydraulic power units and cylinders from invoice date

    • Rotisserie units, Motorcycle Lifts, Jacks, Lift Accessories, Jack Stands and Lift Kits, etc. are warranted for (1) year on structural components and (1) year on air / hydraulic power units and pneumatic cylinders from invoice date.

  • How tall does my ceiling need to be?
    Ceiling requirements vary by lift model. Click here to access the Direct Lift ceiling height calculator.

  • What are the concrete requirements?
    Our 2 post lifts require 4” minimum thickness and 3000 psi, if you choose to anchor our four post lifts we also require 4” minimum thickness and 3000 psi. See the installation manual for more details or click here for a complete online listing of our manuals.

  • How do I unload my lift from a common carrier?
    The average 4 post lift will weigh about 2100 pounds and be about 15’ long. In order to unload you will need a forklift, boom, or similar equipment to unload the lift.

  • What colors are available?
    The Pro9F, Pro9D, PV10, PV12, Pro14 are only available in blue. All other lifts are only available in Black.

  • What are the electrical requirements?
    The four-post Pro Park series require 110 volt service and 2 post series require 220 volt single phase service with a dedicated 30 amp breaker. Our midrise lifts require 110 volt service and the motorcycle lifts are air operated and require no electrical service. See specific installation manuals for more details.

  • Can I install a Direct Lift outside?
    All of the lifts are designed to be installed inside; installation outdoors will void the warranty, none of the components are designed to be in wet or extremely humid conditions.

  • Do you offer any custom designs?
    No, Direct Lift only focuses on producing a set product line to consistently produce a superior product.

  • How do I make a warranty claim?
    Call us at 905.482.0041. Be prepared to provide the lift model and serial number.

  • Can I install my lift over a basement?
    You will need to have a structural engineer evaluate your building and the lift specifications to determine if installation over your basement is safe.

  • Can I install my lift on a heated floor system?
    If the lift is to be anchored to the floor the routing of the heating system must be known to make sure it is not damaged when the anchors are driven into the floor.

  • Do I have to anchor my lift to the floor?
    We only require our two post lifts to be anchored to the floor. Four post lifts do not require anchoring unless floor slope is greater than 1/8” per foot.

  • Can I install my lift on asphalt?
    All of our two and four post lifts must be installed and used on a concrete surface.

  • Do you offer used lifts?
    No, we only offer new equipment.

  • Are Direct Lifts designed for commercial use?
    All of our lifts can be used in commercial applications. You can also visit www.adgforward.com for a line of commercial lifts.

  • How can I have my lift serviced?
    Call us at 905.482.0041

  • My lift is not functioning properly, what should I do?
    Review the troubleshooting tips in your owner’s manual or review one of our manuals online for suggestions. If more assistance is required, call us at 905.482.0041

  • What type of fluid is required for my lift?
    We recommend use of a SAE10 hydraulic fluid that meets an ISO 32 specification, approximately 3 gallons are required.

  • Can I use a bio-oil in my lift?
    Yes, as long as it meets an ISO 32 specification and is changed or cleaned per the oil manufacture’s requirements.

  • Why should I choose Direct Lift?
    There are several reasons you should strongly consider purchasing a Direct Lift:

    1. Direct Lift's parent company is RL Consolidated which is owned by Dover Corporation - a Fortune 500 company.

    2. RL Consolidated owns its own ISO 9001 certified factory in Asia providing you with the assurance that the proper quality controls are in place during the manufacturing process.

    3. Direct Lift's four post lifts are ALI certified meaning they meet the most stringent standards in the lift industry.

    4. Direct Lift has access to a nationwide service and support network with services ranging from installation to repair and maintenance

  • Do you keep repair and replacement parts in stock?
    Yes, most all commonly required repair and replacement parts are always in stock and will ship within 24 hours. Contact us at 905.482.0041

  • Where can I find an installation manual?
    Click here to view a list of available technical manuals.

  • What are the maintenance requirements for my lift?
    The maintenance requirements for the various Direct lifts can be found in the installation/owner's manual. Click here to view a list of available technical manuals.






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448 North Rivermede Rd., Vaughan, ON, L4K 3M9

Phone: 905.482.0041  Fax: 905.669.1170

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